Author's Quotes & Aphorisms 

1. If anyone should tell you they have the true religion for you, you should run in the opposite direction. 

 2. God is an inner present, how you work out the inner present – is you true religion. 

 3. We are just species of spirit called: “passionate”. We come and go from God to realize our God for him. Or going is understood and returning guaranteed. 

 4. You are a hologram of all in one. Every atom on your body reflects all atoms as creation. 

 5. Say you name and that is you very own religion. 

 6. The lower enigma is our natures will God here; the higher enigma is our true essence of being. 

 7. The now is all we have as the past and future are theoretical. 

 8. You are the savior to the world- forgive and we all may return back home. 

 9. The fulfillment of life is not in reaching its goal; when, in fact, it is the journey itself. 

 10. When you meet a teacher on the pathway of life, go down path with him or her. When your curiosities have been met, then part your ways. 

 11. There is no light more divine then your own. If you allow other lights to out shine you, which may come in the form of romances, careers, religions, teachers ( saviors), worldliness or even your shallow ego based goals you are killing you true essence of who you are; therefore, shine you light apart from all others.