Frank M. Antonetti has been a teacher of spirituality since the mid-1980s. He started his training with the tarot card and introduced numerology and Kabbalistic studies in time. He learned astrology and Egyptian mythology in the 90’s and took on formal training in theosophy in 2000 at the United Lodge of Theosophy in New York City. The works of H. P. Blavatsky and Mary Baker Eddy formed his consciousness to what it is today. Buddhist and Hindu studies equally inspired him. Now he has surpassed all of them and is on his own path of enlightenment. Secondary knowledge isn't of his interest now, as his own writing has opened up a world of primary knowledge. He served as an acolyte at St. John the Divine in New York City for twelve years. Regarding religion, he is of all religions but not claimed by one. He is a happy resident of Miami Beach, Florida. What has brought me to my present station of growth was the need for further insights beyond by present knowledge. 

I have made costly mistakes that had caused me to tune in to the divine for guidance. Without such misshapes, I won’t be the person I am today. I find such reasoning to be the definition of my maturity. Personally, I find life to be a buffet of experiences. The selections are individual form relationships to careers, living in different cities, travels, hobbies or even pets. These areas of interest are so unique; no outsider may critic or choices – only you. So this is my live. I am not know or romances, instead friendships; not for self-ingratiation but to service. I do live on a generous pension overlooking the ocean in Miami Beach, though. I always wonder why the young has to suffer so much until they grow into their success and leisure in later life as I am currently. My philosophy of life is: Life isn’t meant to be as good as you have earlier imagined it to be; however, it not really as bad as you thing it is – life is something to get though. Our discovery is to do so joyously. I strongly disagree in the Buddhist axiom that pain and suffering is needed for enlightenment. Such ideology only pays the thief for not robing you. God ask for no ransom, and nor do I believe in vicarious salvation of any kind. My intentions in my writings are to bring you to your inner joy and free you from self-inflicted unhappiness as I am just a teacher who you meet on the path who will be with you for just a while. You will eventually be of your own light. Until then, may I shine the way.