Revelation vs. second hand knowledge

Primary knowledge is knowledge derived from a firsthand experience with God. The mode of communication is called a Revelation. Secondary knowledge is learned knowledge from the originality of another person. Of primary knowledge, its originality might be of a level of personal revelation from God; however, being that the nature of revelations is personal, it is meant for the individual having the revelation. The public who learns of the revelations of the other people is considered to have secondary knowledge. This book may be a bit of a revelation to its author, but secondary knowledge to you – the public. Primary knowledge, or to say revelation, usually inspires action on some level. People having received divine messages intuitively have taken those messages to heart and created foundations of learning, research, schools, political careers, artistic careers, philanthropy, birth of nations, technology, or just acts of kindness to those in need of it. It's not about Cathedral building, but more like a smile, and “How are you.” Revelation is something you can be prepared for and ready. Incarnate souls have these things set up for them before they incarnate to earth. They always work along with their spiritual advisers that make their life assessments and interject this revelation to bring them to a higher level of consciousness. The soul is usually karmically ready for it; [but?] for some reason they are not innately born with these traits in their character. They are in need of an exterior awakening. The reason being that the old karmic thread that they are working with does not accommodate this new level of growth. The older needs to be usurped, as the old karmic thread of behavior has a habitual life of its own. Revelations are also appropriate when the level of awakening needs a certain level of maturity to accommodate its application in the world. This isn't always the case, for Mozart was playing the piano at age three perfectly. There are children who come into life as if they are adults raising themselves. This is because the soul is compromised with karmic enhancements. True revelation is a major interruption of the ego and Lower Mind. Maturity and self-awareness are prerequisites for revelation. When one acquires a revelation, their thought systems are personally challenged. They feel that their old life is a lie, and they embrace the new truth received. They embrace it so much that they feel it necessary to dedicate their whole life to its understanding. When God enters in your life, you are in a heightened state of ethereal naturalism. This ethereal naturalism is a reality on a level that stands apart from these illusive realms of time itself. It is of the unexplainable nature of God. Our human mind, being that manus isn't fully awakened, can't conceive of its nature. What can be understood is what the revelation is inspiring us to do in this world. Upon receiving revelation, we feel that we have touched hands with an old lover and will never be the same again. Nothing can be the same, for you have touched with reality on a level inconceivable to mankind. Others seem to recognize your intentions and make way for you. You are respected and people seem to listen to you. Your endeavors are usually met gladly and you are quite successful in their application in the earthly realm. An aspect of God, through you, has been brought to Earth. Revelation isn't a dramatic event, but can be subtle and intuitive. It might be in a dream or something over a coffee break.

What we know of nature is a revelation of the Holy Spirit. This nature is expressed in all essences and characters of being of all living things. Our Earth's physical nature, referring to growing things, is just one expression of this nature. There are human natures, animal natures, alien natures, the natures of science and math, chemistry, and spiritual and emotional natures. In fact, both Art and Music are revelations of the inspired man of God. Revelation always fosters healing. This healing may come in the form of changing your heart and mind over and forgiving someone of a past injury or insult. A revelation may come in intuitive insight on the operating table or research for the treatment of a disease. Revelation is God's way of saying, “Though I can't change your world for you, I can touch you so you can make it into a better place. I will never forget you and won't let the incongruities of your world change our relationship.” No, it is not God entering into your world causing change, but the continuation of a loving relationship no matter where you may be. God won't allow your world that isn't of his origin or design, or create a separation between the two of you. The relationship can never be broken.

Procedural knowledge, also known as imperative knowledge, is knowledge acquired by performing a task. Depending on your need for God to touch you in your task, and the level of your outreach, and any prearranged preparation you might have had for this life, you can have a revelation. Actually, this is the most common scenario used between God and men. All of that being said, one acquires personal revelation which leads to primary knowledge. With this primary knowledge you are a man or woman set firmly on your own path in life. You can't have any doubt at all, for you can personally testify where this knowledge came from. You are thus called an Illuminati from the Latin word Illuminatus, enlightened. The Illuminati are known to have received their anointing from the Avatar. As the Avatar is the Sun, they are its moons reflecting its glory. The Illuminati revolve around the Avatar. The Avatar has been assigned to them by the Holy Spirit to work of the will of God. The Illuminati work behind the scenes in world changes like the French Revolution and the formation of the United States. Illuminati rarely would have their names known. St. Germain had been seen by those in their youth to later see him in their old age and can testify that he hasn't aged in years. He wouldn't let anyone shake his hand though. Some in the esoteric communities feel that he was able to make his Kama-Rupa (astral body) visible to enter and disappear at will to perform a mission. The point being, once you have received your revelation by God, you are able to be guided to do essential spiritual work with higher powers.

Returning to secondary knowledge, the vast majority of the world is subjected to secondary knowledge without even questioning it. They feel it's the word of God and there is no better source to listen to but God's word. However, even in the bible it warns you about heavenly things upon the earth. In Matthew 6:19 it says, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” If that is the case, why should God store his precious words upon the earth where it can be misinterpreted by man? There are many religions out there that are bold enough to make the statement, “But, we have the only true interpretation, and the only authority to baptize.” They continue saying that angels have awakened their prophet upon the earth and use his or her to establish the true church of Christ. The Jews aren't much better saying that they are the chosen people of God when their people's history is evidence of no favoritism but unrest. The Jews are true in one respect. They believe that all mountains reach the heavens, referring to all religions being valid, I guess so long as you are not believing you are a chosen person. If so, the Jewish religion is one I would run away from. Regardless of your stand on your faith in your interpretation, it is totally impossible for God to define himself in any of these illusive realms of heavens and worlds. Trying to explain what is of the unexplainable in terms of these realms would be making a lie of it. The only truth I ever heard of God is that “God is.” In Latin, “est” or “is” is the essence of being. God can't be anything other than that, so to explain upon it is diluting it – is a lie.

You may ask then, “How can we learn about God then?” Well, let me put it this way: If you can read the Bible, the book of Mormon, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Tao Te Ching, and on the front of the book you must write, “For entertainment purposes only,” well, go ahead and read them all. Like the illustration of the elephant, they are all viewpoints to enjoy. These books might have been revelations to their authors, but to other people they lose their value. The only word of God comes in personal revelations. Secondary knowledge is dead knowledge. It can only take you just so far. It's like reading about going to the mountain without actually going there. Personal revelation is actually going to the mountain – God. Reading such books is like a two-edged sword. It can be used against you or it can assist in your understandings. It can be used against you if you believe their messages too much to the point that you can't listen to your inner guidance. There are those who believe that all of life's issues have an answer in their holy scriptures. This type of thinking leaves no room for inner discovery into your hidden natures. They are actually living as extroverts. Such extroversion is counterproductive to your spiritual growth. Even in the monastic orders prayer and discipline come before the reading of the scriptures. I have heard of many successful people who have spent a few years in such monastic orders, but to live your whole life there leaves you with no application of your learning. It would be rendered as escapism. It may be used in your favor, this secondary knowledge, because those authors have gone places where we haven't and can recount their wonderful stories. You might feel that you are gaining enlightenment at your armchair. You can even be a walking encyclopedia of esoteric knowledge and impress just about anyone you care to speak to. In my experience with such people, their knowledge is as broad as can be but with very little depth. This, in turn, will lead to a shallow knowledge all about nothing important. They lack self-introspection totally and are usually crude in character. How can you understand others if you don't understand yourselves? The best knowledge is self-knowledge and these religion books may be used as forms of escape taking away the opportunity of understanding yourselves.

One habit I do require is to have a diary. It should not just be of the events and loves in your life but a diary of your thoughts and reactions to other people and events. This leads to an intimacy with yourselves. You may even start a group as I have written about in earlier chapters and have this intimacy with them. They will give you valuable feedback. As you do write your diary, try a technique that I use called automatic writing. Write down a question, and allow your hand to reply as it may. Give your hand a life of its own and see what amazing things your subconscious has to tell you. You just might even be channeling a spirit guide. Actually, this is how this book is being written, through automatic writing using a laptop though. You will get better in time. Have faith in yourselves and give your hand a life of its own, relax and write or type as I do. Ask what is your best spiritual path in life. Better yet, what are my very personal inner truths that can change my life. Now that is primary knowledge not secondary. Write from your soul. It might be poetic in nature or it might not even make sense at first. Think about it; it will make sense in time. Just ask for more clarifications on it.