Chapter 5 - The now

     When now is the only point of reality you have, use it. The past is gone and no longer exists; the future is imaginary and isn't there. What you have to count on is the present. The eternal now is the longest phase of time you can imagine and the shortest one you can't grasp. The now involves your releasing your worries in trying to do something with it. The now has a will of its own. To understand the will of the now instead is to be there when a leaf falls to the ground and you catch it in your hand. You catch it because it understands the phenomenon of life. This phenomenon is the eternal now. People are always trying to be at the right place at the right time to let their fortunes reveal themselves. The now is the synchronicity of the nature of spirit, or some call it the Tao. To go along with the Tao, or Holy Spirit, you are aligning yourself with all fortune, love, money, popularity, and career.

     It's the way of the elements. The elements have been spoken about differently to various cultures around the globe. The point remains, as you are centered in the presence of God, that divine spark of light that is within all living things, you are awakened to the power to control all of these elements in your favor. The lottery, love, and career are all a mental exercise for you to toy with for your amusement when you are centered in this divine presence. All it takes is the opportunity to capture that divine presence and allow it to unfold for you in your life. It is the exemplification of the NOW. There is a divine power in the now as explained as original thought. This thought can only manifest in the eternal now. The now is the only aspect of reality you can harvest. This is the basis of all meditations worldwide – to obtain the eternal now. As it unfolds for you, it will show you a world different from your own – a world of peace and love. You might feel like a stranger in it. However, the Bible from cover to cover has stated that we are to be an alien resident here upon the earth. Psalms 39:12 “Hear my prayer, O LORD, listen to my cry for help; be not deaf to my weeping. For I dwell with you as an alien, a stranger, as all my fathers were.” Be a stranger in this world of ungodliness. Be in the world but not of the world is an old Bible axiom. As you unfold in the now and gain power of original thought, you change your reality. As mentioned, you might have some Ego-driven desires to fulfill, but they will give way to divine ideas in time, as cosmic ideation will be activated in your mind; you will be a co-experiencer with God here upon the earth.

    Note, I mention co-experience and not co-create. The main axiom of my writing states that God isn't the originator of these illusive realms; out of compassion, God allows them their existence. We are to co-experience with God without any exception of where we are and what state we are in. One co-experiences with God by living in the presence of his divine spark of life. There is a time warp, as all time is experienced at once. You experience that time warp and at the same time you stand apart from its effects. Your standing apart from it puts you in the presence of God. There is nothing in form that you can possibly want for yourself. You approach the abundance in an emphatic manner. All things that are viewed are familiar to you like you always had them, but lost sight of them. All of these things of God are of the eternal. Faith is needed to recognize what they are, for they are not of your ephemeral world of finite form. All of what you perceive you are in possession of, but at the same time not one soul can say they own it. The abundance is unattainable but forever yours. After you witness such divine bounty, you lose interest in what you feel you can attract to yourself with your new powers of the eternal moment. This is a life-changing event – one that you retain forever. This divine revelation of the eternal now permeates all of your being and becomes your new being as divine.

    The present is a fleeting abstract point in illusive time. Time is a man-made invention. What is left is the now. The now is part of the threefold expression of time: past, present, and future. So what is the now if I'm not trying to contradict myself? The now is an abstract concept. It doesn't exist in the real world at all. You can't catch a moment of the now and hold it. It's impossible. The only way to conceptualize the now is to use our Higher Mind of abstract reasoning. It's the language of God himself; learn it. This would take a leap of faith into the unknown. It can be expressed in dreams and in your intuition. Even though it is a fleeting moment, it uses time to unfold itself for your comprehension of its message. It is impossible to live the abstractions here in the dualistic world we live in, but you can trust the unknown and ask for it to reveal itself to you in your world. It will. Your life will have unusual turns of events. You might not understand them. Try not to judge them, but allow yourself your experience, the events and people you meet. They are all instigated by your intentions and are a projection of your Higher Mind. Joy is an aspect of the Higher Mind in understanding the now. View all things and peoples with joy. The understanding will come in your intuitive reasoning, and the now will be open to you.

     This awareness of the present is meant to be impressed upon your consciousness. This present is meant to be carried with you throughout the day. I require a morning practice of the NOW. You may use the breathing technique if you choose. The emphasis is in the stillness of the moment. In your mind, try to disassociate yourself from all Ego-based identities. You have no name, address, race, nationality, gender, age, family, problems, friends, language, future, or past. You simply exist. Being that you are free of all of these Ego trappings, you may expand any fragment of the now and turn it into an eternity. Practice this every morning at the same time. You will see that each morning hence, you will go deeper into the NOW. The impression it leaves you with will be stranger and stranger each time you successfully achieve this divine state in your morning meditation. Try not to let it take you to a different world, being a space-out, or talk about your experience with colleagues, as they will find you quite odd. Talk about these experiences in the evening with chosen close friends. If you find yourself not grounded, stop your meditations and work harder in your job during the day, then resume in time.

    The NOW, as I see it, is a straight line separating the past from the future. This line only exists in the Higher Mind of abstract reasoning. It is in that state of mind in Higher Manus where you can process the eternal NOW's impressions. Don't try to analyze it with the Lower Mind's practicalities. You will be led astray if you do. This processing would take a leap of faith into the unknown, into an area in your mind that only your visceral, empathic sensations and intuition can lead you to. You will be aware of symbols and sensations where you can make familiar allocations to. You will attract and see these symbols in your day and actually live them out. The point is to live these impressions out in the world you live in and not try to over- analyze them. It takes faith and courage to welcome these impressions in your daily life. If you don't have these qualities, they will remain in your consciousness and possibly be a hindrance to you. So take courage and welcome them and practice your meditation every morning, and if it proceeds right, it may lead to a practical understanding of life, but it usually doesn't involve that. It usually remains ethereal in nature, however, with a deep subconscious satisfaction of peace.

    The NOW can also be spoken of as a circle. It's ever so empty but full of potential. It contains all things but at the same time it needs to be empty to not represent one thing apart from the others. There is an old expression, “You lose yourself to gain another.” You can also say, “You gain yourself by disassociating with another.” All of the Son-ship of God is represented in a hologram manner in each and every Son of God. You are all you have and own; you are the eternal NOW in the flesh. You can save the world by the awakening of yourself. Awaken to the moment of time of the present. You will be baptized anew in the water of spirit in the NOW. There is no other agent to baptize you in the spirit but yourself in the eternal NOW. No religion has the authority to baptize you. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inner process anyway. So avoid the font and ask for your true baptism of spirit in the NOW. You are the only one real. All others are a projection of your subconscious mind. They represent something, do not overlook them. Embrace the eternal you in the eternal now. Meditate on these things and so save the world as you awaken to your true self. Awaken now in the eternal NOW. This circle encloses you but it has your size, for it doesn't exist in three- dimensional space but in a dimension of boundlessness inconceivable to man. Visualize yourself in this circle, practice your disassociating technique, and do your breathing exercises, and be a part of the NOW.

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