October's inspiration:

 I do hope you have enjoyed the posting from September. I keep them up for three month archived. The lesson to October is based on a story. The story is of a man who traveled to the East to find the answers of life. He went to the Holiest Mountain of Asia to fight the 10 monkey man to reach the holy sage to obtain the book of wisdom. The story goes that upon trying to read of the book he saw reflections of himself in its mirror and jump of the mountain to his death. The moral of the story is that you are the answer and not any holy book at all; calls it the Bible, book of Mormon, Koran, Upanishads or whatever. The ego will drive you to its death if you think it’s not of the written word. The ego creates the written words to misguide you in thinking that you are on the right path when, in trust, you are self-deluded. Even my books I write are just an inspiration for a while. The true trust of the experimental of life itself is experiential and can only come from within. I have always been strange to me that those who meditate a lot aren’t much for books of wisdom, but, instead, from the essence of their experience in meditation. 

September's inspiration:

Why aren’t people nice to each other? This is a quest I have asked myself often. I have asked in respects to why do we have high school bullies. In my experience, it not just in school; it may be amongst adult too. I have prepared outline with is elements for your understandings. As you will see’ it’s all based on fears:

1. Fear of weakness - earth

2. Narcissism – water

3. Misguided self-hate directed to others - fire

4. Fear of a threat to their mal intentions - air

5. A defense to one’s personal weaknesses – eather

Applying the 5 understanding to bullying, we have:

1) the fear of weakness; and 

2) narcissism.

 The bully sees the nerd as weak in his poor projection of character. In terms of the promising intellectual nerd, we can introduce 5): A defense to one’s weakness. In this understanding, the bully is threading by the promising future of the nerd and is 2): narcissistically thinking that it cool to be stupid. The average nerd or inadequate soul is simply seen as weak. The bully doesn’t understand that the poor soul is full of unanswered issues. Socrates said that we should trouble others as we don’t understand the heavy load they are baring. All in all such vanity and fear of the one of low character are in poor sights of the true grandeur of God. They choose smallness to the blessing of God. If they can just educate their egos and open to God love; they can have their joy and love others as themselves. I do invite you to read more on my understands in my current book “The Enigma of God”. Go to the 'where to buy' page, if you need for reasurence, read my sample chapters on my home page.

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