The The Ontology of man: will be published 2014

The book is not just a continuation of the enigma of God, but, rather the study of man in his four element or earth, water, fire and air or to say the physical, emotional, spiritual and the intellectual. It shall be published at the end of 2014 and be available my winter 2015!!

The Dissociative Meditation:will be published 2015 

This book is currently being written and edited. I edit my own English, so it takes longer to public, though. This work in progress is my first hands on manual to meditation. It will bring out all of my works values in a practical manner for self-help. I have mention the meditation in the enigma of God and was been encourage to write this manual by my readers. I feel this will be my masterpiece of literature and will be know for being the father of this type of mediation.