Where to buy channeled spiritual books! The Enigma of God, a revelation to man Frank Marcello Antonetti channeled spiritual books Balboa Press, Feb 27, 2012 - Religion You will come to know yourself in a deeper way of love and self acceptance realizing that there is nothing you can do that can offend God. Even when you think you are bad, you are working out a role as a son in need, a need that God will satisfy. Today accept your role in God's plan by being you! You are the savior to the world; we are counting on you. Discover your inheritance today. You might ask: why purchase this book in particular? The answer is in the growing of your ' right mind;s' of abstract reasoning as exercised. Physicist had discovered that the imagination is the highest form of intellect. In my chapters unfolds before you, I invite you to use your mind in a all new way. The results will be a more " knowing, intuitive you'. If you are new to the new age movement - this book would serve at your foundation. If you feel you need to come to know my understanding better before you buy, go to my home page and read my sample chapters and author's quotes... in conclusion : may I be the Buddha you mean on your path for a while............Frank M. Antonetti 

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Do sample "Chapter one: exerts " - if you still need to evaluation more, go to my home page and read 5 more sample chapters - read with joy: Chapter 1 sample - Cosmo genesis God is an original thought as humanly can be perceived. From eternity this is an original thought. It preceded any other and has no beginning nor end. For in its perpetual timeless state, original thought is a human allocation of God. The understanding of God's true nature at our stage of evolution can only be used in substitutions. 

It is futile to try to explain the true nature of God apart from saying God “IS” and is “ALL THINGS.” These timeless statements found in human history are feeble attempts of explaining God's true nature. Others have explained God as the circumference which is everything and the center which is nowhere. These are allegories for the mind to conceive of God. Original thought manifests in many planes of existence. In our current state of being called reality, it may be difficult to conceptualize it for it has its degree of understanding with its degrees of effects. Actually, those who believe they have an original thought attributed to God have created the heavens and the earth with its universes, galaxies, stars and planets. Understanding yourself and how your mind works is the key element in understanding God as original thought. For all is attributed to it. One who believes he holds original thought can manifest universes. I state “believe” for it is all but impossible to do so at this time in our current capacities. Believing one has an original thought or to say, “God in our mind” we can invoke reflections of our true creation and only to be expressed with God. These reflections of original thought respectably manifest it in our realm of reality. “A reflective realm of the true”. Moreover, to God, we “co-create.” As humans our mortal minds are far from that of God's graces. We're not obviously in a state of supreme reality, thus we can't fully conceptualize it in our current form. In heaven, God hasn't lost one note out of his divine song with us in the materiel realms of reflected truths. He's very much aware of us. However, to be aware and to be recognized are two different things. We are still in his graces as co-creators in his divinity, as we always have and always will. The correction has been rectified at the conception of the error but we had not acknowledged it. We have miscreated in these realms of reflections trues.. We have an instinctive memory of our father and call it ”The Holy Spirit.” This thought was actually blessed by our father himself for our return back to him. Oddly enough, the realm of God is timeless. If this separation occurred, it always existed and always will. The spirits change for the sake of experience. However, the material realm has existed and will always exist. For in timelessness, it happens, it always happens and always will. That is our true nature and grace for the eternity of God. Will we in time leave the reflected realm of illusion to our normal state with our father? Will it take as much time to propel us here and to have us return? This song has been sung from time immemorial in infamy.